I'm an Art Director at Bistro Agency, Prague with more than 6 years experience in graphic design and advertising. When I'm not moving pixels around or getting lost in thoughts, you'll find me either drawing, instagramming or travelling.

So here' s my story.

Me getting into a graphic design was a total accident. Or was it? 
Once at high school in an IT class we were asked to create our personal websites. Most of my classmates set up a site at some online web platform, customised a template and that was it, but I wanted something more. So I discovered Photoshop and HTML (yes, basically I stumbled upon web design) and made my own blog (which is luckily long gone in the waste lands of the Internet). But it’s almost ten years later and I am still doing web and graphic design and trying to make a mark in this whole new world.

Meantime I graduated from university with bachelor degrees in Journalism, International relations and Film studies, lived in Istanbul, moved to Prague and spent a lot of nights writing these two paragraphs.